Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cyprus Week 2009 Festival

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13th - 19th July 2009

Theatro Technis in association with the National Federation of
Cypriots in UK
presents a week of events to coincide with the 35th
anniversary of the Greek Junta Coup and the Turkish invasion &
occupation of 37% of the Republic of Cyprus. We also celebrate the
accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the EU since May 2004, which we hope will lead to the re-unification of the island as a truly Independent Federated State for all its citizens.

Monday 13th July, 7pm:
Raising of the flags of the Republic of Cyprus and of the European Union.
An exhibition of the Archives of Theatro Technis and of the Cypriot community in Camden and the launching of the booklet Building on the Foundations funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Unity Theatre Trust.
Music and songs by the Michaeloudes Orchestra & EKA choir, and the Harpist Richardo Curbello, followed by poetry by Vasilis Panayi and others.

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Tuesday 14th July, 7-9pm:
British Parliamentarians in association with the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK hold a debate with an invited audience on ‘A Solution for Cyprus: By Cypriots For Cypriots’ in Committee Room.14, House of Commons, SW1.

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Wednesday 15th July, 7.30pm:
A seminar presented by Lobby for Cyprus at Theatro Technis
Cyprus: Getting it Wrong, Getting it Right
* Mr. Martin Packard a former intelligence analyst and author of 'Getting it Wrong: Fragments from a Cyprus Diary 1964' will explain the partitionist approach pursued by the British Authorities during the time he served in Cyprus.
* Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides, a lawyer and Senior Lecturer at the School of Law of the University of Hertfordshire will explain what has gone wrong and how we can 'get it right'.

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Thursday, 16th July & Friday 17th July, 7.30pm:
Reading of short stories about the first and second generation of Cypriots in UK as part of Theatro Technis’ archives by actors/ troubadours.

Saturday 18th July, 7.30pm:
Film and Documentary screening about Theatro Technis and Cyprus.
Virtual visitors can view videos online at Theatro Technis' MySpace,
and at the Theatro Technis History and Archives web Page

Sunday 19th July, 4pm:
Anti-occupational rally for Cyprus at Trafalgar Square starting from outside the Turkish Embassy, 43 Belgrave Square,SW1 at 3.00 pm. Main speaker Mr. Neoklis Sylikiotis, Minister of Interior of The Republic of Cyprus.

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