Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Having NOT posted items since Anastasiades was elected Cyprus President

It was a month before the Cyprus elections for the Presidency in 2013 that I had actively participated in organising and providing MY recording of the event by 'Lobby for Cyprus':

"Are Bicommunalism and Bizonalism redundant  for a Cyprus Federation"

After Anastasiades (unfortunately, as far as I am concerned) did get elected as the next President of Cyprus, (having been promoted by the European Union colleagues of his party who all attended a special event in Cyprus, to promote him) ... that I did just stop writing any items to this facility. 

I had simply continued providing my own archives and information at my personal website, with details covering a large number of years, with links being available at the gallery page at:

The above 2013 event was eventually followed at a Theatro Technis event, organised in July 2015 (the final event which I had specifically organised at London's Theatro Technis at the end of the 2 weeks of events to mark the anniversary of the Turkish invasion of our island) ...

[there is a playlist of all the video recordings of the events during those 2 weeks at my facility https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHg2Wci_aYYUcDNI84FufjRFyOO_75BCt]

... which featured Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides (who had participated at the above event) as the lead speaker ...

"Why BBF Solution to the Cyprus Problem? - Debate at Theatro Technis 2015"

The above event had been featured some weeks after Dr Klearchos Kyriakides had previously participated in Cyprus at an event organised by the "Adouloti Kerinia" ( Αδούλωτη Κερύνεια ) organisation

"Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides - No Bizonal BiCommunal Federation for Cyprus"

It had taken until after our 2015 London events that there had finally been an event:
"Cyprus about Turkey settlers - International Criminal Court"
"International Criminal Court in searching for political settlement: The case of Cyprus"
- Hosted by MEP Costas Mavrides

It had been unknown until very recently whether the Anastasiades government would, or would not, organise the anticipated Cyprus Parliamentary elections during 2016, but it was due to those possibilities that we had a very small event featured at London's Theatro Technis on 25th of January 2016 where a number of issues had been discussed with the main guest speakers being Theo Theodorou of 'Lobby for Cyprus', and Mihalis Kashis, the UK Leader of the Cyprus EDEK Party (and we were very honoured that we did have a skype-connection by EDEK Leader Marinos Sizopoulos)

The skype call from Cyprus featuring its EDEK  Party Leader, Marinos Sizopoulos (spoken in Greek) [Μαρίνος Σιζόπουλος μιλάει Skype σε εκδήλωση στο Λονδίνο για εξελίξεις Κύπρου] was a major feature of our event:
50 minutes

Following that skype call, we then had some further discussions, with the content spoken in English which content is being featured here now because that content IS of relevance:

"25.01.2016 - Special Cyprus Event at Theatro Technis P3"

The immediately previous video item is featured here because it did contain a number of issues spoken ... which included a suggestion for a petition to be created to allow us Cypriots living abroad to be provided with a change of law in Cyprus which would allow us to make our votes which we should be legally allowed to do ...... but of course, President Anastasiades has all along refused to allow that!

The existence of the NEW petition is therefore particularly significant .... and that is why this series of items have been created at this facility in order to ... HIGHLIGHT ...


In that I did add my signature as one of the initial persons supporting the above petition I did also provide a comment featured there:

I sign this petition on the day after the President of the EU Parliament Martin Schultz had spent 24 hours visiting Cyprus to stress that a solution is more likely now than ever before - a year after he had invited the TC leader (and the TC 'state' is officially non-recognised) to formally visit the EU Parliament and he had spoken then of how the rejected Annan Plan should be accepted for a Cyprus Solution, which the existing Cyprus President had promoted in 2003 before him being elected President in 2013 he promised he would not insist on its acceptance. That President had also not accepted our demands for Cypriot refugees living abroad to be entitled to vote in Cyprus 2 years ago .... so I am one of those persons who certainly thinks THIS petition WILL be rapidly signed by more than 100,000 persons!

I also added another comment there ....
... which I had added because I am a close friend of Koray and Cinel, and I do therefore hope that as many people as possible  WILL  sign that petition also.

Furthermore, I am also one of the earliest supporters of the petition created in 2012 by my Kyrenia friend Kyriacos Kyriakides, which I DO hope that as many people as possible will add their signature to extend the 4,702 existing signatures which do exist there already!