Thursday, 7 October 2010

Turkey sued in US courts by Cypriots (video) - Athan Tsimpedes

(with apologies that equipment failure at 30 minutes prevented recording the rest of this event)

Lobby for Cyprus Seminar

Greek and Greek Cypriot plaintiffs sue Turkey in US courts for return of their homes in Turkish occupied Cyprus


Athan T. Tsimpedes
Dr Klearchos Kyriakides
Nick Kounoupias
Costas Frangeskides

5 October 2010

Speaker Profiles

Athan T. Tsimpedes is a Greek-American attorney, founder of the Tsimpedes Law Firm, based in Washington DC. He has enjoyed success in a variety of practice areas including international and domestic litigation. Athan has appeared on numerous media and news outlets regarding cases ranging from representing clients against McDonald's to advocating the rights of displaced Cypriots. Athan is currently involved in Class Action litigation advocating rights of former security personnel in the US. In another case, Athan represents the Kurdish victims of the genocideal Anfal campaign, against Iraq.

In the realm of international complex litigation, Athan represented Ms Kirkham in the landmark case of Kirkham v Air France. Ms Kirkham was severly injured while travelling outside the US. Athan successfully litigated in favour of Ms Kirkham against France because of a transaction with Ms Kirkham which was commercial in nature and had a connection to the US.

The lawsuit Athan is pursuing against the pseudo-state in occupied Cyprus was filed in the same court where Ms Kirkham's case was won. The pseudo-state of the occupied territories of northern Cyprus is not recognised as a country by the US or any member of the United Nations, with the exception of Turkey. Yet it clandestinely markets itself in America by maintaining offices, hiring employees and contractors and advertising properties for sale in the occupied area. Therefore, its US enterprise deceptively described as an 'embassy' can be sued as a business entity in the US. In other words, what Air France was to France, the pseudo-state is to Turkey. The US courts would apply the precedent of Kirkham and similar principles in favour of displaced Cypriots worldwide.

The pseudo-state has committed fraud by selling property to unsuspecting buyers who believed they were purchasing property with clean legal title. Turkish and international banks facilitating such transactions are responsible for damages against displaced Cypriots and unsuspecting prospects that were duped into the fraudulent property scheme. For its involvement, the international banking congrlomerate HSBC and its various branches are also named defendants in the lawsuit.

See also the powerpoint presentation used by AthanTsimpedes, available at:

Recently the international media including American, Greek, Cypriot , Turkish and American outlets reported that on behalf of a Cypriot organisation for displaced mothers and children, Athan successfully lobbied megastars like Rihana and Justin Timberlake not to perform in the pseudo-state. A simple Google search will verify Athan's proverbial 'long arm of the law'!

Dr. Klearchose Kyriakides is a senior lecturer and a non-practising solicitor at the School of Law of the University of Herfordshire in St. Albans, England. He holds an LLB Hons (Law and Politics) Degree from the University of Birmingham together with the MPhil and PhD (International Relations) Degrees from the University of Cambridge and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Westminister. He is a Member of The Law Society of England and Wales. Dr Kyriakides lectures in constitutional law and he is the author of numerous works on constitutional and legal themes, including on Cyprus.

Nick Kounoupias is deputy co-ordinator of Lobby for Cyprus. He is a partner in a UK top 100 law firm specialising in copyright, human rights and cultural property litigation.

Costas Frangeskides is a partner in the City law firm of Holman Fenwick Willan, specialising in international litigation and dispute resolution. He is a long standing member and deputy co-ordinator of Lobby for Cyprus.



Costas Frangekides chairs the panel

Keynote speaker: Athan K. Tsimpedes

Prominent US Attorney Athan Tsimpedes makes a presentation on the class action he is pursuing in the US Courts on behalf of US, Cypriot and Greek plaintiffs against Turkey and its illegal regime in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus for the return of their homes and for significant damages.

by Dr. Klearchos Kyriakides

Question and answer session
Chaired by Nick Kounoupias

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