Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cyprus needs a divorce from in-law "Guarantors"

Call me a CYPRIOT Maximalist, rather than a Greek Nationalist (which I've never been) ... but the Turkish side has had 60 years of trying to block and sabotage everything Cyprus stands for, from its independence struggle to its entry to the EU ... and has always pushed for its own maximalist position which has always been partition and a separate state of its own on Cyprus despite the world not accepting that.

Noting that Turkey's delegation was absent from the UN-GA during President Christofias' UN speech is a symptom of the problem, and so Cyprus should ask the permanent members of the SC to acknowledge the impossibility of Cypriots themselves being able to find a peaceful solution while mother-in-law Turkey constantly vetoes any effort towards actual progress. Cyprus needs an immediate divorce from its in-laws, namely Britain, Greece and Turkey. A good start would be for the UN Security Council to ban Turkey having a seat on the SC as long as it continues to ignore UN resolutions on Cyprus, and the SC should call on the UN-GA to recognise the severity of the debacle entailed in the 2004 Kofi Annan Plan which had the UN itself proposing a solution contrary to its own past resolutions on Cyprus, contrary to its own charter as well as contrary to EU law.

It was a disgrace that the UN tried to blackmail Cypriots into signing away their human rights through a 'last ditch' referendum prior to Cyprus' EU entry. The Annan Plan must first be internationally acknowledged to have been a plan to legitimise Turkey's invasion, division and ethnic cleansing on Cyprus and to have had more to do with solving Turkey's problem in entering the EU, than solving the problems of Cypriots!

When that HAS happened, and a divorce is legally engineered through a combination of the UN and the EU (which Turkey so vehemently opposes, and which poodle Britain is not likely to agree to, given its interest to keep its 'sovereign' bases on Cyprus) THEN Cypriots can try again, with maybe some chance of success, to solve their internal problems.


repulsewarrior said...

dearest grokked,

your blogs are refreshing, and they give me hope that the Human aspects of our living are well defended from the plunder which continues in Cyprus to this day.

cyprus is an island. it's people are its dwellers. and until the Modern Age, they were isolated in a rural enterprise which made their society one of the most socialised in the world. having been identified as "Greeks" and "Turks" was and still is a weapon which interlocutors use for their own agendas. it has left us as an identity which stuggles to keep alive a spirit which was born with the advent of Mankind; inclusive, adapting and embracing the future. nothing has been able to crush this spirit. although the illegal occupation and the impasse which has led to Cypriots being isolated from each other, leaves this island's Heritance in peril.

hoping to hear from you on this forum:

or the more raucious:

because your help would bring us a breath of fresh air.

grokked said...

Thank you repulsewarrior,

I am very pleasantly surprised to find your comment on my blog, and honoured too.

You are a tireless activist in support of what is right on our small island, which is very much in need of more people like you. I was sorry that your open letter to President Christofias had not received a response, and hope it may do so yet.

I had found your blog, though I had not commented on there, during a recent search for English-language web-logs dealing with the Cyprus situation ... and had read through many of your posts with great interest.

I have been a read-only and rather non-active member of both "TalkCyprus" and "Cyprus-Forum" for over 2 years now, though your kind comment might cause me to become a contributor there. Thanks for the invite, and my respects for you for your own efforts there, as also on your weblog.