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Seminar Video - America Britain Cyprus Crisis 1974 - by Andreas Constandinos

America Britain Cyprus Crisis 1974 - Calculated Conspiracy or Foreign Policy Failure

Association for Cypriot, Greek & Turkish Affairs

Seminar on Friday 21st November 2008London School of Economics, European Insrtitute,Canada Blanch Room, Cowdray HousePortugal Street, London WC2A 2AE

Andreas Constandinos
James Ker-Lindsay in the Chair

Andreas Constandinos was born in Britain of Greek Cypriot and German ancestry. He studied Law at university, and then qualified as a Barrister-at-Law at the Middle Temple. In 2005-08 he carried out research on the Cyprus crisis of 1974 at the University of East Anglia where he successfully completed his PhD in Modern European History. He is currently studying Psychology at London South Bank University.

The paper examines recently released and declassified British and American government documents, in order to scrutinize the roles played by both of these countries during the Cyprus crisis of 1974. It evaluates British and American aims towards Cyprus and their respective relationships with the Cypriot, Greek and Turkish governments. It considers Whitehall and Washington's responses to the Greek military coup, the Turkish invasion, the two Geneva conferences on Cyprus and the second, consolidatory, phase of the Turkish invasion. Ultimately, the paper attempts to ascertain whether there exists any evidence to support the belief that either Britain or America or both were complicit in the coup against President Makarios as well as colluding with Ankara in its subsequent partition of the island.

93 mins - Video source at Archive dot org

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21 November 2008

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