Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Obama pressure on Turkey over Cyprus needed now

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"Implicit 'genocide' threat lies behind Turkey-Armenia breakthrough" - Source:
"An implicit threat by U.S. President Barack Obama to use the word "genocide" in an annual April 24 address to Armenians, followed by increasing frankness from diplomats, was pivotal to strong-arming Turkey ..."

One wonders whether the same 'increasing frankness' will also be wielded by the Obama administration with reference to Turkey undertaking to return the ghost-city of Famagusta (empty since the '74 invasion) in Cyprus, as a sign of its good faith in the Cyprus peace talks?

If some tangible concessions (THAT, as well as withdrawal of Turkish occupation troops was required by the resolution passed by the Council of Europe back in October 2008 - one of the topics of a posting on this blog visible here ) are not forthcoming over those issues, as well as over the opening of the Limnitis checkpoint across the Green Line -- then THE EXISTENCE OF TALKS IS NOTHING OTHER THAN A SMOKESCREEN !

The EU needs PROOF - just because there are TALKS does not mean there is any actual PROGRESS.

Its time for some actual GIVE by Turkey if it does want a positive progress report in December on its EU accession process. See a posting on Cyprus's progress towards unity -Time for Turkey to meet its obligations on Cyprus for views expressed by knowledgeable British MPs during a Cypriot Lobby of the British Parliament in March this year.

It's time Obama also learnt to threaten to use those taboo words "TURKISH TROOPS OUT OF CYPRUS" - an issue which candidates for the Europarliament will be asked to provide their views on during their campaign for elections in June 2009 -- which this site will be focussing on for the immediate future.

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