Saturday, 20 June 2009

Apostolides v Orams Case - ECJ Judgement Explained

See January 2010 Judgement report here

The landmark case by the European Court of Justice upholds the rights of Greek Cypriot property owners to enforce judgments against those illegally occupying or profiting from their lands in the Turkish occupied areas of Cyprus.

Video is provided below of a 19th June 2009 meeting chaired by Mr Haris Sophoclides, President of the International Federation of Cypriot Organisations, with main speakers being Mr Costantis Candounas lawyer for Mr Apostolides in his case against David and Linda Orams, Mr Meletis Apostolides Plaintiff in the case against the Orams's, Mr Costas Frangeskides as a Partner in the Law Firm which represented Mr Apostolide's interests in the UK and at the ECJ, and Mr Nick Kounoupias on behalf of Lobby for Cyprus as organisers of this event and a long-standing Cypriot Lobby Group in London ( )

See also a video recorded in March 2009, when Mr Candounas explained the background of this case in more detail, available online at: which is the subject of a post on
this blog here.

The video embedded below is available from the YouTube Playlist here

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