Friday, 5 February 2010

Supporting Turkey's EU accession process - MEP Ria Oomen-Ruijten

This is an 'open email' calling on various political friends of Cyprus in the British Parliament such as Simon Hughes, Teresa Villiers and various other MP's who have added their names to past EDM's or who have in other ways expressed support for the process of reconciliation in Cyprus -

(list in no particular order)

Andrew Dismore, Andy Love, Edward O'Hara, Roger Gale, Nigel Waterson, David Lepper, Gerald Kaufman, John Prescott, Alan Meale, Bill Etherington, Lynne Jones, Andrew George, Jim Sheridan, Bob Spink, John McDonnell, Jeremy Corbyn, Robert Wareing, Alan Simpson, Ronnie Campbell, Mike Hancock, John Leech, Ian McCartney, Martin Caton, Ann Cryer, Janet Anderson, Rudi Vis, David Hamilton, John Austin, Eric Illsley, Kelvin Hopkins, David Crausby, Mark Durkan, Alasdair McDonnell, Brian Jenkins, Paul Keetch, Neil Gerrard, Malcolm Moss, Albert Owen, Betty Williams, John McDonnell, Phil Willis, Richard Burden, David Burrowes, Virendra Kumar Sharma, Peter Bottomley, Harry Cohen, Andrew Stunell, Andrew Pelling, David Amess, Eric Illsley, Kelvin Hopkins, David Crausby, Joan Ryan, Caroline Flint (with apologies for any omissions)

... to join other Cyprus supporters such as Mary Honeyball MEP and Charles Tannock MEP

... to urge Britain's Minister for Europe Chris Bryant, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Prime Minister Gordon Brown to express their support for proposals which are to be debated next week in the European Parliament on recommendation of the Foreign Relations Committee of the EP ... calling on Turkey to give back Famagusta and begin to withraw its troops and settlers from Cyprus NOW, as an indication of its goodwill towards the peace process in Cyprus

As you are no doubt aware, The European Parliament will on 10th February ( ) debate the draft resolution prepared by MEP Ria Oomen-Ruijten as rapporteur for the Foreign Relations Committee regarding Turkey's EU accession process.

Cyprus needs all its friends to echo the sentiments contained in that resolution ( Read more at ) in order that Turkey's accession to the European Union can be facilitated.

A video playlist of items recorded in the last 2 years, to promote exactly such an outcome, is available online and can be embedded in other websites and forwarded to all FRIENDS OF CYPRUS - (click the play button to play and also turn the sound on )

All visitors to this blog are asked to sign the online petition at:

This topic will be the subject of messages being sent out on the following twitter account in coming days, and it would be nice to be able to announce support from you on this matter.

Many thanks


grokked said...

The blog entry above was prepared subsequent to receipt of the following message, and expresses a dissatisfaction with the inadequacy of the British Government's current policy on Cyprus, as outlined during a 3rd February meeting with the executive of the National Federation. THAT is why a Cyprus solution needs the active intervention of the European factor in order that a solution may stand a chance of happening.



4 February 2010

The Government’s Minister for Europe, Chris Bryant MP, has described the division of Cyprus as tragic and unacceptable and has called for it to be brought to an end.

Addressing the Secretariat of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK at a dinner in North London on Wednesday night, the Minister urged the two sides in the direct negotiations currently taking place on the island to bring about a “catharsis” and to work for a comprehensive settlement that will bring peace and prosperity for all Cypriots in a reunited island.

He emphasised the need for Cypriots to look to the future rather than the past and stressed that a solution must be reached by the two communities on the island without any interference from other parties. At the same time, he recognised Turkey’s key role and the influence it wields in relation to Cyprus and called on Turkey to support the process of negotiations through practical steps.


(full item is available at the Federation website - details below)

Introducing the Minister, Federation President Peter Droussiotis, welcomed Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s personal interest in the Cyprus problem as well as the Minister’s engagement with the issue and called for the British Government’s statements and the Memorandum of Understanding that the Prime Minister signed with President Christofias in June 2008 to be translated into concrete action:

“Turkey’s legacy on the island is hindering and preventing the negotiations from succeeding. Turkey must be held to account for its continuing disregard for the rule of law and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union and the international community generally, must exert real pressure on Turkey so that the latter works constructively for a comprehensive settlement within the UN framework and in line with the EU founding principles.”

He concluded: “British Cypriots have a simple question: what will the UK – a country with a significant stake on the island as well as obligations to the Cypriot people – do, in practice, in order to impress upon Turkey the need for it to support a settlement based on the principles of a federal state with a single sovereignty, international personality and a single citizenship? British Cypriots need assurances that the UK Government will press Turkey hard on this matter.”


Phoevos said...

Grokked, Many hanks for your excellent efforts.

Athenaikos on YouTube.

grokked said... - Turkey Progress on reforms remained limited in 2009, says the resolution drafted by Ria Oomen-Ruijten (EPP, NL) which was passed with no amendment - MEPs also deplore the non-implementation of the Additional Protocol to the EC-Turkey Association Agreement for the "fourth consecutive year". Failure to open its ports and airports to Cyprus "may seriously affect the process of negotiations", they warn. The Turkish Government should contribute "in concrete terms" to the comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue. By starting the withdrawal of its forces from the northern part of the island and addressing the issue of settlements of Turkish citizens, Turkey would help "facilitate a suitable climate for negotiations", say MEPs. Finally, MEPs regret the Constitutional Court's decisions to close the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), and to annul the legislation limiting the jurisdiction of military courts. They say these are "a serious setback in Turkey's reform efforts" and therefore ask that the Constitution be reformed.

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