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Appreciating the support of Cyprus by EPP Chairman Daul

Open Email to EPP Chairman Joseph Daul at the European Parliament

Background information:

14 April: Posting at the European Parliament discussion area
"EP and direct trade with Turkish occupied Cyprus"

9 April - EuroNews slant on Turkish Cypriot Elections
7 April - Clarifications about the 'Foul' by EU Enlargement Commissioner Fule against Cyprus
31 March - Stefan Fule anti-Cyprus Foul at the European Union

Dear Mr Daul,

This email is being written to thank you for the statements you made today (reported on the news from Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation news tonight) in the presence of Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos and Cyprus MEPs Mr Kassoulides and Ms Theocharous regarding the matter of NOT lifting the restrictions on direct trade with Turkish-occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus prior to a settlement.

I note that there is no announcement on your website on the matter at this time - the meeting did not take place until late in the day, so there may not have been time for your staff to do that as yet, but one hopes this will happen tomorrow.


With so-called-elections (in the presence of so many illegal serttlers from Turkey) taking place in "Northern" Cyprus on Sunday I believe that any UNEQUIVOCAL statements made - making it clear that the prospect of 'recognition' of the 'north' of Cyprus is a NON-STARTER - would be something which is in the interests of the European Parliament and of the EU, as well as being in the interests of the negotiations in Cyprus and the majority of Cypriots (of both Turkish and Greek background).

If also feel that it would be very helpful if any statement which will hopefully be placed on your EPP website tomorrow could also include reference to the European Parliament's resolution in February 2010 - requiring Turkey to begin NOW to withdraw Turkish Troops and settlers and to return the ghost city of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants - would be very helpful to the people of Cyprus.

This message comes to you from a pro-rapprochement Cypriot activist based in the UK, and I would like to bring to your attention (and through you to other members of your staff, you group and MEP's) my own contribution towards reunification of Cyprus through the petitions online at:



Also - Cyprus-related videos available online at:

Copies to:
"Takis HadjiGeorgiou MEP"
"Ioannis Kasoulides MEP"
"Kyriakos Mavronikolas MEP"
"Antigoni Papadopoulou MEP"
"Eleni Theocharous MEP"
"Kyriacos Triantaphyllides MEP"
"Mary Honeyball MEP"
"Charles Tannock MEP"
"Marina Yiannakoudakis MEP"

and to

Peter Doroussiotis
President, National Federation of Cypriots in the UK


14 April item on Cyprus Mail regarding the 'Direct Trade with Turkish occupied part of Cyprus' regulation:

Regulation ‘legally and politically wrong’

Foreign Minister Marcos Kyprianou yesterday charged the European Commission with insisting on a regulation that is legally and politically wrong, referring to efforts to resurrect the direct trade regulation between the EU and the north.

Kyprianou repeated the view given by President Demetris Christofias on Monday that the government was not briefed by the Commission on its intention to communicate the regulation on direct trade to the European Parliament (EP).

The minister said he expected the Commission to have had a consultation with the Republic of Cyprus before choosing to send the issue to the EP last December.

“The European Commission insists on a regulation that is legally and politically wrong,” he said, noting that the regulation does not conform to the 2004 Council conclusions and is against the interests of an EU member state.

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