Monday, 21 March 2011

Turkish Cypriot Communal Survival Rally - 02.03.2011 - Toplumsal Varoluş Mitingi

Spoken in Turkish with Greek subtitles, this is a documentary by the bilingual "Κατω απο τον ιδιο Ουρανο - Ayni gokyuzu Altinda" program, about the largest ever peace and reunification demonstration by the Turkish Cypriot community held on 02.03.2011 - which was a follow up to the General Strike and the demonstration held on 28.01.2011 to protest the economic and immigration policies being imposed by Turkey on their community.

See also the photos and video on the blog post on 2nd March 2011: 
Another massive Turkish Cypriot demonstration 02.03.2011 - a blow to Turkey

For the previous background see also the video and English translation of the interview provided by one of the main organisers of the General Strike and demonstration, Mr Sener Elcil  as Secretary General of the Turkish Cypriot Teachers Union, and the inks provided at:

This item was broadcast on 10.02.2011 by the Cyprus Broadcasting  Corporation.

The spoken content of this documentary is in process of being translated into English, and will be provided here once that process is completed. when the task is completed.

The video provided below provides the news coverage from CyBC (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation about the days events.

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