Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Faux Press :Dan Rather interview, and other media links

Spent a good part of the early afternoon watching a replay (only 1 of 4 or so from the archive) of the 14/03/07 Videoblogging FlashMeeting, from a link at

Then decided it would be worth following through some of the links that arose out of that ... one of which was to visit the Faux Press website, where I found an interview with Dan Rather (Anchorman with CBS News, I think it is) and thought I'd create a first link from my newly created weblog to this interview ....
The Faux Press :: Politics, Law, Media & Marketing: Dan Rather interview

Other links arising from watching the video were the views expressed about the future of advertising on the web, and rather liked the attitude expressed, and therefore provide a link to the website by Jen Simmons

Other links, which I note here in order to come back for further 'look-in' at those sites in future, were: node101 - cafn8ed - The teaching section at Jen's website - and finally BetterBadNews .

I had earlier done some follow-up research on the climatechange series I've been involved in creating at and found with some considerable interest an outstanding interview at YouTube, and so I will end this first ever posting at my new blog by making a recommendation that any readers interested with world politics should take a look at the 26 minute interview with David Kortn available through the excellent efforts of ... here