Sunday, 25 March 2007

Use of USA provided F16's conditionality on Turkey

Regarding "Turkey suspends F-16 purchase from US over Cyprus" ...

How amazing that this item over allowable, or rather of non-allowable use of weapons provided by the US to other countries, should suddenly surface now (see Zaman report detailed below).

Amazing because such conditionality over use of US-provided weapons applies as much to Israel in its use of US-supplied weapons in the Lebanon during the 2006 war (and in many years previously) as WELL as to Turkey in almost ALL its military operations in Cyprus, during 1964, in 1967 and of course during the invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

The flagrant violation of the conditionalities attached to the use of weapons provided by the US to Turkey has been a very long-standing grievance on the part of the people of Cyprus against US Government hypocricy for many years. Repeated questions by journalists to many US Government Spokesmen on such matters have always drawn non-commital answers.

The use of American-provided aircraft to drop bombs, including napalm bombs in 1964 by Turkey against Cyprus was documented at the time.

The BBC video archives provide a video item online about Turkey having dropped napalm bombs using American provided planes during 1964. Click on "The BBC's Charles Wheeler reports from Cyprus - one doctor says napalm was used on civilians - interview with Archbishop Makarios" available from the BBC video archives.

OK, so how do we retrospectively prove that the use of US provided weapons in Turkey's military actions against Cyprus were all illegal, and that therefore the specific people in power within succeeding US administrations as well as the generals who ordered such illegal use by Turkey can be held personally as well as collectively responsible for such violations in the terms under which the weapons were sold?

The press-item which has caused the above comments to be made can be found in full at:

"Turkey has reportedly suspended negotiations with the US over the purchase of an additional 30 F-16 fighters after Washington set the condition that they not be flown over the divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

"Military sources close to the Turkish Air Force Command (THK) told Today's Zaman that US technology restrictions, including a ban on their usage by Turkey over Cyprus, irked Ankara. "The US condition that fighters should not be used over Cyprus made us mad," said a source at the THK."

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