Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cyprus vs Turkey in the European Court of Human Rights 18th Nov 2009

"The applicants are all Cypriot nationals of Greek-Cypriot origin.
They claim to be the owners of movable and immovable property

located in the northern part of Cyprus, which has been occupied
by the Turkish army since 1974. They allege that the Turkish authorities
are preventing them from having access to this property and
disposing of it as they wish." (see details at the ECHR website)

Having waited for years for an empty slot in the European Court of
Human Rights' ever-so-busy schedule for the hearing on the 18th ...

... about whether the Immovable Property Commission (IPC)
which was set up by the 'state', previously declared subservient
to Turkey in the Loizidou case by the ECHR itself, which Turkey
created through its invasion and continuing occupation of almost
half of Cyprus and which is only recognised by Turkey itself and
has been condemned by an innumerable number of UN Resolutions ...

Mr Wood representing Turkey

... WHETHER the IPC is a sufficient and adequate mechanism
so that the ECHR can get rid of its problem of constipation
resulting from the sheer number of cases outstanding against
Turkey by Cypriots - by referring cases to the IPC to 'settle' there,
instead of the ECHR having to deal with all those cases ....

Mr Anderson for the defence

Mr Demetriades for the defence

... and having chosen to hear the case before the
19 member bench of international judges in GRAND CHAMBER ...

Mr Saini for the Republic of Cyprus

Mr Lowe for the Republic of Cyprus

-- it transpires the ECHR is unlikely to deliver a verdict
for 9 to 12 months!

Is that not a PREPOSTEROUSLY long time for them
to think about what seems like an open and shut case ?


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