Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Let Turkey WALK the talk, not just use catchy PR-speak

"20 years after Berlin Wall fell, Nicosia remains divided" - AFP

"Zero problems with neighbours" is indeed a catchy phrase which the PR boys have been using for the past month or so to promote Turkey's new-found Post Imperialism, and to promote its image just prior to the decisions by the EU at its December summit when Turkey's (minimal) progress in its accession process.

While the Organisation of Islamic states meets in Ankara currently will Erdogan announce a decision to fire the top Generals over the latest revelations about their Ergenekon activities ?

Will the debate in the Turkish Parliament this week propose changes to the constitution in order to allow actual autonomy to the Kurds ?

Will Turkey propose that it will surrender the ghost city of Famagusta on Cyprus to either EU or UN control ?

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