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Apostolides v Orams and the rule of law in the European Union

Video of Lobby for Cyprus Seminar - Wednesday 24 March 2010
141 minutes

This video is also available as a single clip at archive dot org, here

" 'Apostolides v Orams' and the rule of law in the European Union"


Mr. Constantis Candounas
Mr Meletis Apostolides
Dr Klearchos Kyriakides
Mr. Nick Counoupias
Chaired by Mr. Costas Frangeskides

Mr Meletis Apostolides and his lawyer Mr. Constantis Candounas spoke about the recent English Court of Appeal decision.

This landmark case is of fundamental importance because the English Court of Appeal, in common with the European Court of Justice, upheld all the rights of Mr Apostolides in relation to his land and properties in Turkish-occupied Cyprus. In so doing, the Court of Appeal effectively upheld the rule of law and the rights of all of the dispossessed property owners in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus.

Mr Constantis Candounas spoke about the significant implications of this case for all those illegally trespassing and profiting from land and properties in the occupied areas of Cyprus who now face having judgments enforced against them and their assets in the UK and EU Courts.

The audience were particularly happy to have Mr Meletis Apostolides in attendance and to hear his personal perspective on the case.

Leading lecturer, lawyer and academic, Dr Klearchos Kyriakides, provided a detailed explaination of how the case re-affirms the rule of law, the principle which obliges all EU states, including the UK, to uphold the legal rights of all European Union citizens, including those of the Republic of Cyprus.

A summing up of the views expressed by the panel members, and a personal perspective addressing the recent ECHR Judgement in the case of Demopoulos and 7 others v Turkey was provided by lawyer and coordinator of the Lobby for Cyprus, Mr. Nick Counoupias.

This was followed by a question and answer session
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A previous entry on this weblog regarding the Apostolides v Orams case, including news reports and a link to the judgement in January 2010 by the British High court is available here

PS: There is currently a law case brought by Greek Cypriot refugees (and others) against Turkey in the U.S.A - any interested parties wishing to make contact regarding that case should contact Mr. Tsimpedes -

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